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This interactive timeline is a visual story of my transition from the childhood dream of becoming a clinician to aspiring for a career in biomedical informatics.

(Please hover on the images to see the story) 

Third year of
Medical School

Arunachalam Kumar M.D. introduced me to Chaos Theory and fractals, suggested I read this book.

chaos theory book.jpg

He is an unconventional genius and a polymath: an anatomist, researcher, author, ornithologist, entomologist, cricket officiator...

Final year of Medical School

I discussed these ideas with Vardendra Kulkarni M.D., my mentor, and Professor of Pathology. He encouraged me to present a poster at a medical conference.

The judges felt that my presentation, was a comprehensive synthesis but lacked original experimental data.

Fall 2014

I secured a rank of 400 amongst 200,000 medical aspirants in my state, and got into JJM Medical College,

Davangere, India.


Physiology, Pathology and Internal Medicine were my favourite subjects.

Clinical Rotations
(House Surgeon)

I thus began collecting DATA by collaborating with my professors and resident physicians, eventually leading to 15+ original publications, conference presentations, and posters.

This process of finding new knowledge became addictive!

Clinical Rotations
(House Surgeon)

While researching dengue fever, my Internal Medicine professor,

U R Raaju M.D.,  was impressed with my novel way of looking at problems and strongly encouraged me to consider research as a

full-time career (more than just a hobby!)

I gave it a lot of thought and discussed my aspirations with many senior physicians, and scientists. I also attended the Developing Indian Physician-Scientist Workshop, CSIR-IGIB, and came to realize that my true calling is Medical Research.

(Of course, a Ph.D.)

I scored 324 (Quant: 170/170, Verbal: 154/170)

September 2020

The last time I studied math was in high school.

My Quant scores gave me and my family the confidence that

I can venture into the world of statistics and machine learning. 

Fall '21 - Spring '22

I completed the Advanced Certificate Program in Digital Health and Imaging from IISc, Bangalore.


  • Introduction to Probability, Machine learning & Deep learning

  • Overview of applications of ML/DL in medicine

  • Advantages of having a clinical background in Medical Informatics


Here I am, at Carnegie Mellon University, pursuing my 

MS in Quantitative Biology and Bioinformatics (Advanced Study)

at Mellon College of Science.

MS Quantitative Biology and Bioinformatics

My next step is a Ph.D. in Biomedical Informatics. 
Learning Goals:
I want to delve deeper into my understanding of Medicine, the mathematical and computational foundations of Machine Learning, and Healthcare Policymaking.

My Long-term Vision


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